Cafe Leopold

I had some work to do with friends in CST on a Saturday morning. And what better excuse than this to check out the unexplored spots of the city. Imromptu plans were made and soon we were on our way to this quaint but very popular hotel.

Cafe Leopold:

This place is one of the oldest and most well known cafes in Mumbai. Leopold too was set up by an entrepreneurial and (I am guessing) foodie Irani gentlemen in 1871. This restaurant was one of the unfortunate targets of the dastardly terrorists who attacked Mumbai in 2008. Wounds of that fateful evening still remain on the cafe walls. But that perhaps is a symbolism for the spirit of Mumbai. No matter how badly she has been hit in the past, she just refuses to give up.

“It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, but it is about how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward”

Seen here is one of the bullet holes

This interesting contraption is something they call a ‘beer tower’ This 5 feet tall cylinder is filled with.. wait for it.. yes, BEER !! 😀 Fill your pints according to your pace. We curiously stared at the tables hosting this mammoth, quite a few of them got drained before we expected. Leopoldians surely love their beer.







Psst.. I am a teetotaller, so I had to settle for this little Mocha Frappe, which was absolutely yummy.



My friends ordered a Club Sandwich which had huge portions of chicken sausage. They claim it was the best club sandwich ever. The restaurant has a very lively feel to it and is a great hit among foreigners, the menu too is very international but caters to Indian tastes also. We finished with the ‘Leopold Special Cheesecake’ for dessert which was definitely the kind of dish you would want to go to Leo again and again for.

Leopold is one of those restaurants in Mumbai that have retained a distinctive character and aura. Everything that you see here right from the glasses, plates, beer mugs have a history of their own and speak volumes about Mumbai and her cosmopolitan and welcoming character. Definitely a must visit place.


Foodie haunts at Matunga – I (Classic)

Name : Classic

Place : very close to Don Bosco School, Matunga

This place is very close to my college and I was rather surprised that I hadn’t eaten here even once, my friends were much more surprised than I was and decided to drag me to Classic then and there without any further delay.

Classic greeted me with a heavy aroma of spices and strong flavors generally used in dishes that Indians like to call ‘Chinese’. It is definitely one of the better fastfood joints in Matunga and I was told by my friends that their Pav Bhaji was to die for. I went through the menu (which offered plenty of choices), nevertheless I decided to take my friends’ suggestion. I wasn’t disappointed at all as the Pav Bhaji indeed turned out to be quite something. Mumbaikars I feel absolutely love their Pav Bhaji and being the thorough Mumbaikar that I am have eaten this quintessential Bambaiyya dish at many places. Restaurants that manage to pull off this delightful dish with finesse automatically win my respect. Classic got very very close to that, if not bang on. The Bhaji was very tasty and well prepared. It came with a dollop of butter, (like Bhaji always has, and always should 😉 ). The Pavs too were generously buttered and fresh. My friend ordered the Jain version of the dish (Jains don’t eat onions, an extremely important ingredient of Pav Bhaji or any tasty Vegetable dish for that matter). I tried some of his Bhaji and believe me, it was equally delicious as the normal one, if not more. #FoodieDelight knew no bounds.

On the bad side, the restaurant was a little congested, the waiters could have been a little more affable and the service surely wasn’t the best I had seen.

So here goes the report card:

Taste : 8

Ambience : 7

Service : 6

Value for money : 8

The Chinese joint I never tire of

Name : A1 Chinese

Location : Dombivli(E)

This is one restaurant, that me and my equally foodie friends keep visiting for their tasty Chinese fare at unbelievably cheap prices. They serve both veg and non veg dishes, but we always end up ordering the non-veg dishes. You can begin with one of their soups or starters, Chicken Manchow soup and Manchurian, being the best ones, easily beats a bad cold ! Proceed to their main course dishes, where you can choose from their assortment of noodles and rice dishes. Schezwan, Hakka, Manchurian, you are spoilt for choice. The meat is fresh, tender and succulent. The rice and noodles are nicely done. The food is loaded generously with heavy spices and sauces and hot gravy, but unfortunately, that’s the case with almost all the small Indian Chinese joints. If you aren’t a fan of the typical Chinese flavors that such places serve (Soya, Schezwan, lots of garlic, to name a few), you won’t like the food a lot. The portions are adequate and the prices are much lower than usual. You have an option of asking them to pack your food, enjoy it at home.

On the downside, I would say, the ambience is very poor. The place is cramped and can seat at the most fifteen to twenty people. Had it been any smaller, it wouldn’t have qualified as a restaurant. It isn’t well lit and badly needs a revamp. The waiters are quite uninformed.

So here goes the report card(on the lines of Rocky and Mayur’s )

Taste : 8

Ambience : 6

Service : 7

Value for money : 9
..And I have written my first restaurant review. Wohhoo !