Here’s to Mr. Nikhil, the courier guy who delivers my Flipkart shipments

Shopping online is one of my favorite things, Flipkart being my trader of choice coz of their promptness and awesome packaging, not to forget the free home delivery for orders exceeding Rs 300. Flipkart shipments to my house are usually brought by one Mr. Nikhil Patil. Unlike other courier guys, the packages he delivers always come with three lines of neat, clear writing in blue ink on the body of the packaging:

Nikhil Patil


Fridge, Washing Machine, AC

Whenever he hands over the package, he politely points to what I believe, he must have so meticulously written on each and every package given to him for delivery and says, “Sir, if you ever need some help with your fridge, washing machine etc, just call me, I ll come immediately. Don’t forget to mention me to your friends.”

His words always put me in a contemplative mood. The gentleman knows how to repair complex machines that I am sure many of those who are much more qualified than him wouldn’t know, yet he works as a courier, delivering shipments from door to door. Many in our nation, especially among the youth, work as unskilled workers despite being capable of doing better in their lives. Tapping the potential of the youth in a largely ‘young’ nation like India is critical to growth and development.

If you live in and around Dombivli, and need help with the above mentioned appliances, please call Nikhil !! 🙂