Mood Indigo-2012 Day1

As the title of this blog suggests I am extremely audiophilic. I am simply crazy about good music (and I have no qualms about stating this very often 😛 ).. Mood Indigo is the Annual Cultural Festival of IIT Bombay and it is pretty much the largest Cultural festival of India, attracting participants and artistes all over the world. I love MoodI because of the amazing music concerts it has. Wasn’t disappointed this year either.MoodI day 1 had these wonderful treats for musiclovers:

  • MI Studio :  This was a fusion music recital featuring two unique and extremely fascinating instruments, the Jaltarang played mesmerisingly by Sandeep Dicholkar and the Hang played by a Slovenian gentleman whose name eludes me. Ragas played on the JalTarang were Kirwani and ShivRanjini. The Hang ( I didn’t know such an instrument existed until I actually saw it ) can be used to play rythm as well as melody. The Slovenian gent’s dexterous fingers did such an amazing job that it almost felt like two instruments being played in sync, one rythm and the other leads(melody). This ended with an amazing jugal bandi of the two instruments.(loosely based on ShivRanjini)
  • Trania and Snehashish Majumdar: Trania, a 3 member band collaborated with Mandolin and guitar player, Snehashish to create some fantastic jazzy Indian Classical (yes, it is as amazing as the name sounds 🙂 ). Snehashish who has been playing Classical raagas on his guitar/mandolin since a long time teamed up with Trania to jazz up the atmosphere with novel improvisations. Definitely a #win
  • Talavya: Talavya as the name suggests, is about ‘taala’. This 5 member band headed by the son of Pt Divyang Vakil, takes tabla playing to a new level. With four tablas and one harmonium, they played a rich variety of taalas (rythmic cycles), including vilambit, madhya lay, dhrut and finally ending with a superb crescendo of ati-dhrut. A sonorous harmonium melody (desh raag I think) kept playing in the background giving the tabla playing a good melodious base.
  • Pt VishwaMohan Bhatt: Vishwa Mohan(winner or more appropriately charmer of the world) indeed, he is a living example of what human genius can achieve. Pt Vishwa CREATED the instrument he plays. Adding many more strings to an acoustic guitar (taking the number from 6 to 20 !), he designed the ‘Mohan Veena’ or ‘Slide Guitar’. He played Raag Maru Bihaag beginning with a slow aalaap and then increasing the tempo gradually, soaring gracefully to the dhrut and finally with a ‘gamak'(which was an ode to thunder clouds, he evoked the sound and feel of the thunder, rain and lightning in the most amazing way possible). Next he sang (yes, he can sing too, wasn’t aware of it before) a Maand, Kesariya Baalam, a folk song from his native Rajasthan. Then came two beautiful numbers from his Grammy award winning fusion musc album, ‘A meeting by the river’ (collaboration with Ry Cooder). Pt Vishwa signed off with Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana. Mohan Veena totally rocks ! 🙂 And Pt Vishwa is a true ‘Sultan of Strings’ (Dire Straits fan 🙂 ), he looks like one too and he plays like the Greatest Sultan Ever !! Only two of my friends I know appreciate and enjoy Classical music as much as I do, both of them were out of town. Had to go alone therefore, nonetheless, enjoyed it thoroughly.