Buongiorno !

And so here I am, back to blogging.. After a long hiatus I am back with a new blog. My old blog, I feel was rather flashy and showy. As opposed to that, my present blog is quite minimalistic and simple. Simplicity is an amazing quality.

A quick introduction, I am Abhishek, currently pursuing my Final Year BTech in Electronics from  VJTI, Mumbai. I am extremely passionate about technology, music, food and travelling. I love to code and would love to be a highly respected ‘code-ninja’ some day. I listen to a lot of Hindustani Classical and rock music. I am a Cancerian by sunsign and like a true Cancerian, I love the sea, perhaps a little more than my fellow Mumbaikars. I don’t know to swim but I fantasise about being able to go surf-boarding on a high tide some day.

That’s all for now


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